Next store update is TBD ♥ Orders are currently being shipped!

Current shop shipping update:
Orders are around 80% processed and 40% shipped out and the rest are steadily going out this week while I start tabling at ECCC! Please keep in mind my shipping estimate was 14 days for this store opening, but everything will be out in the first week of December to ensure holiday arrival times. Please do not email until 12/6 if you are wondering where your order may be!

Email update:
All newer emails sent before 11/29 have been replied to, please bump yours if you sent a newer one !! Going to reply to anything new after I get back from setting up at the con this evening.

Shop/Preorder updates:
★Chrollo will go on sale TBD, probably when Hisoka sells out. Share the word if you want him sooner!
★Chainsawman/One Piece blanket preorders coming in December

UPDATED: 1 December 2021