☆Store is closed but will reopen soon for restock preordersCurrent shop shipping update:
★ Store is currently open, will start shipping between Monday the 25th-Tuesday the 2nd of August. I will be out of town between Wednesday through Monday for a convention so any shipping that doesnt finish before I leave 7/27 will be shipped 8/8! Thank you for your patience. Sorry for the extra delay, needed more supplies 😭💕
Email update:
☆ Emails get checked on a weekly basis, usually Mondays, after the store is closed.
Shop/Preorder updates:
☆ Chrollo bn revised to nickel as posted on ig (too hard to see all the dark enamel used in the pin with dark nickel plating; it's too muddled)
☆ CSM blanket is in revision samples. If you'd like a preorder refund for the blanket, please email me!
UPDATED: 23 July 2022